1990 Honda VFR 750F

Oil Capacity at Change: 2.9L
Oil Capacity at Change + Filter Change: 3.1L
Oil Capacity after rebuild: 4.0L
Viscosity, Canadian Climate: 10w40
My preference: Motul 5100 Ester 4T Technosynthetic Oil 10W40 4L
K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter Black – KN-303

Spark Plugs

The shop manual says that 1990 to 1993 models should use:

The shop manual says that later models of the VFR750 (1994+) should use:

HOWEVER, many online spark plug configuration wizards (such as Amazon and Fort Nine) say that the NKG CR9EH9 is the correct spark plug even for an early 1990 model like mine. The NKG CR9EH9 is a colder plug than the CR8EH9 specified in the official shop manual. Running too cold a plug is considered ‘safer’ than running too hot a plug. A too-cold plug will foul. A too-hot plug will cause pre-ignition and can destroy the engine in a short period of time.

Bottom line: Use four NKG CR9EH9 spark plugs, available online and at Canadian Tire.

Spark Plug: NGK CR9EH9 (Typically sold pre-gapped to 0.8mm)
Tighten to 9 ft-lbs (12 Nm, 1.2 kg*m)
GAP: 0.8mm – 0.9mm (0.03″ – 0.04″)

Brake fluid: DOT 4





Common problem areas

Leaking front forks

The most common part that fails is the oil seal. It comes in a package along with a fresh dust seal.

BUT, while you’ve got the fork taken apart, you might as well install fresh bushings:
Honda 51414-KCR-003 Bushing Guide
Honda 51415-KCR-003 Bushing Slider